Oer-Hollandse verrassingen in een mooi doosje...



JBuy a moment of happiness, a smile, tears (of joy), a memory…

Only €17,50 (excluding shipping) for you, invaluable to the recipient!


The Dutch-Surprise-Box contains 5 (seasonal) items. The contents change based on the products available at any given time. All we’re willing to share is that the box will contain 5 typically Dutch products, related to the holidays, the four seasons, and typically Dutch celebrations.

But what is it that I would be getting?
Dutch people are known not just for being down to earth, but also for being convivial, or ‘gezellig’! ‘Gezellig’ is a typically Dutch word that has no real equivalent in any other language. This typically Dutch trait is precisely what the Dutch-Surprise-Box contains.

A box full of conviviality, cosiness, sentiment, memories, a smile and a tear, and the taste of the Netherlands. Greetings from Holland!

(A little sneak peak: Christmas cookies at Christmas, the traditional spiced ‘pepernoten’ at Sinterklaas, Easter eggs at Easter, tompouce pastries at King’s Day, and ‘oliebollen’, the traditional Dutch fried doughnuts for New Year’s Eve!)

Greetings from