Oer-Hollandse verrassingen in een mooi doosje...

The idea behind it all

Making people happy and surprising them, that’s about it.

Nancy loves surprises herself and has come up with so many ideas throughout her many experiences (travelling and living abroad). People find themselves missing the traditional Dutch products, flavours, atmosphere, etc.
People who live abroad always ask for typically Dutch products, to make them feel a little more at home.

During her stay in Portugal, where Nancy lived for a while, she sent her daughter Robin a Surprise-Box. The notion of the surprise itself brought so much joy that Nancy wanted to explore this idea more. Driven by her passion, this creative mind put her money where her mouth was and created the Dutch-Surprise-Box.

For everyone in the Netherlands: surprise your loved ones or relations abroad.
For everyone abroad: there is someone at home who is thinking of you!

A gift that makes
a difference!