Oer-Hollandse verrassingen in een mooi doosje...

About Nancy...

Nancy Hirs was born and bred in Spaarndam, and being an adventurous soul, she left on a solo trip for Australia when she was 19. It didn't end there; she has travelled all over the world.

Throughout her travels, she is always happy to leave typically Dutch products wherever she goes when asked. Liquorice, Dutch mixed spice, pepernoten, Zwitsal shampoo, and even her tube of mayonnaise from Zaanstad – that one runs out in no time!

DutchSurprise NancyHirs
Travelling is in Nancy’s blood! As the youngest of four, she looked up to her father a lot; he travelled all over the world due to being in the military.

‘Discover the world, because it is absolutely beautiful, but I will always consider the Netherlands my home.’

‘Start your day with Dutch flavours!’ And voila, Nancy produces a box of traditional Dutch chocolate sprinkles or flakes during ‘English Breakfast’. And she always steals the show wherever she goes with her jar of peanut butter.

When Nancy rustles up a tray of tompouce pastries in Africa, she is celebrated as the hero of the day. Everywhere she’s been, people eagerly await her monthly shipment of Dutch products.

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