The idea is simple… 

Make a dazzling impression on your family, friends, or relations abroad.

Surprise your friends and relations with a Dutch-Surprise-Box. The contents are always a surprise. We don’t want to give away too much, but here are some hints…
The Dutch-Surprise-Box always contains 5 typically Dutch gifts: Dutch trinkets and seasonal items related to the holidays. Nancy is the only one who knows what’s in the Dutch-Surprise-Box, making it even more of a surprise for both giver and recipient alike!

Surprise your loved ones with a taste of the Netherlands. Give them a piece of 'home' away from home.

The surprise is massive!

How does Dutch Surprise work...?


Place your order and add a personal message.


Your Dutch-Surprise-Box is wrapped up carefully and shipped.


A little effort in return for... a big surprise!

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Customers testimonials:

  • Diana Brendel


    I belonged to "one of the Happy" who received such a Dutch Surprise in Catalonia. And how wonderful it is! The first Dutch Surprise, with great products! The packaging was already a party! The Dutch flag, a pair of Delft blue nuggets, some typical Dutch treats, syrup waffles and liquorice! Holland in a giftbox... Not only the gift is awesome, but someone there is thinking of you... Really heartwarming! 

    So, do you think of someone far away? Surprise him or her and I'm sure it will be 'a hit', not to mention the colors Red, White and Blue...

    Dutch Surprise really lives up to its name! 


  • Tineke Cooper-Schoorl

    Adelaide, Australia
    What a surprise! All sorts of treats and typically Dutch surprises, things that are hard or even impossible to get here. I was crying tears of joy…
    Thank you!